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At Bitterroot Audubon, we believe that ordinary citizens can help collect amazing data. Please consider helping us with our WINTER EAGLE PROJECT!!

The Bitterroot Winter Eagle Project is a collaboration between Bitterroot Audubon, Raptor View Research Institute, MPG Ranch, and private landowners throughout the Bitterroot Valley, MT.

The Bitterroot Valley contains diverse stakeholders. We’ve experienced rapid growth in recent years, but much of the landscape is still dominated by agricultural activities. Conservation groups like Bitterroot Audubon and the Bitter Root Land Trust have worked hard on voluntary efforts to protect wildlife, working lands, and water in our community. However, like agricultural communities in many areas, our working lands and their stewards are often underappreciated for the habitat services they provide to all community members. We hope to work towards bridging this gap.

The Bitterroot Valley hosts a huge overwintering Bald and Golden Eagle population, partially due to the habitat our agricultural lands provide. Raptor View Research Institute (RVRI) has been studying overwintering eagles here since 2011. To date, they have captured over 70 Golden and 20 Bald Eagles, and deployed wing tags, numbered leg bands, and/or satellite transmitters on individuals depending on their species and age.


We are hoping to increase the re-sighting rate of marked eagles. We know they rely heavily on private lands in the winter. We know many of our eagles, though they breed elsewhere, return to the Bitterroot Valley year after year.  

Our project is a Citizen Science effort to deploy motion-sensing cameras on carcasses on private lands throughout the valley. We hope this action will:

-Increase the detections of marked eagles with camera stations set around the Bitterroot Valley

-Develop areas where researchers can safely trap eagles for additional banding, marking, and deployment of satellite transmitters

-Collect information on the use and importance of working lands in supporting overwintering eagle population and other scavenging wildlife species

-Encourage dialog between farmers, ranchers, and scientists about conservation issues concerning eagles, landowner needs and management goals, and the positive intersection of these two concepts

-Engage people of many backgrounds in a Citizen Science project

There are many ways you can help with this project! Most importantly, you can help us process our images by visiting the Western Montana Wildlife project on Zooniverse. You could also consider a financial donation to help us with our quest to buy a community satellite transmitter for a Golden Eagle. The transmitter would allow us to track the eagle as it makes its way around the Bitterroot and the world (see this interactive raptor map of other Bitterroot eagles and osprey).

We have already earned financial support from Bitterroot Audubon, Montana Audubon, National Audubon, the Rapp Family Foundation, and private individuals. RVRI and MPG Ranch have donated staff time and equipment.

If you’d like to contribute to this project, click one of the links below. On Crowdrise you will see we are offering some fantastic premiums in exchange for a donation.

 Bitterroot Valley Winter Eagle Project on Crowdrise.

Or use PayPal to donate here:                                                    



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13 May 2017
eBird and Cornell's Global Big Day
15 May 2017
07:00PM -
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18 May 2017
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Highway 93 Litter Clean-up
20 May 2017
10:00AM - 12:00PM
Beginner Bird Walk at Lee Metcalf NWR
20 May 2017
10:00AM - 12:00PM
Beginner Bird Walk at Lee Metcalf NWR
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