Backyard Birds
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Shirley Abel                            Downy Woodpecker                  Hamilton, MT
Barry Abel                              Bald Eagle                                  Hamilton, MT
Audrey Hobbs                        Clark's Nutcracker                      Hamilton, MT
Claude Birkeneder                  Sharp-shinned Hawk                   Hamilton, MT
Elizabeth Chilcote                   Ring-necked Pheasant                  Hamilton, MT
Mike Daniels                          Great Horned Owl                       Hamilton, MT
Kathy Daniels                         Ring-necked Pheasant                  Hamilton, MT
Aislinn Daniels                        Bohemian Waxwings                    Hamilton, MT
Katharine Stone                      Northern Flicker                          Hamilton, MT
John Ormiston                         Pileated Woodpecker                  Hamilton, MT
Barb Ormiston                        White-breasted Nuthatch              Hamilton, MT
Christine Coffin                       Clark's Nutcracker                       Hamilton, MT
Ree van Oppen                       Mourning Doves                          Hamilton, MT
Susie Duff                               Western Screech-Owl                  Hamilton, MT
Doug Duff                               Western Screech-Owl                  Hamilton, MT
Caroline Knight                        Black-capped Chickadee            Hamilton, MT
Mac Donofrio                          Black-capped Chickadee            Hamilton, MT
Alice Foster                             Pileated Woodpecker [2]            Hamilton, MT
Patricia Ryan-Swindler             Northern Flicker                         Hamilton, MT
Louise Parker                          Black-capped Chickadees           Hamilton, MT
Marvin Parker                         Pygmy Nuthatch                           Hamilton, MT
Leslie Robinson                       Pileated Woodpecker                   Hamilton, MT
Skye O'Byrne                          Downy Woodpecker                   Hamilton, MT
Colleen Powell                         Steller's Jay                                 Grantsdale, MT
LM Powell                               Dark-eyed Junco                        Grantsdale, MT
Ted Troutman                          White-crowned Sparrow             Grantsdale, MT
Dorinda Troutman                    Song Sparrow                             Grantsdale, MT
Pat Bartholomew                      Downy Woodpecker                  Roaring Lion, MT
Bart Bartholomew                    Steller's Jay                                 Roaring Lion, MT
Lori Ortiz                                 Red Crossbills                             Darby, MT
Veryl Kosteczko                      Steller's Jay                                 Darby, MT
Bart Hoag                                American Dipper                        Darby, MT
Barb Hoag                               Bohemian Waxwing                    Darby, MT
Peg Platt                                  Black-billed Magpie                    Conner, MT
Sue Case                                 Hairy Woodpecker                      Sula, MT
Doug Case                              American Dipper                          Sula, MT
Paul Driesbach                        Eurasian Collared-Doves             Corvallis, MT
Jim Story                                 Bald Eagle                                  Corvallis, MT
Marleen Story                         California Quail                            Corvallis, MT
Nancy Callan                           Cedar Waxwing                          Corvallis, MT
Art Callan                                Bohemian Waxwing                     Corvallis, MT
Leslie Nyce                             Eurasian Collared-Dove               Corvallis, MT
Marie McKee                         Dark-eyed Juncos                        Corvallis, MT
Lora Medina-Pechy                Black-billed Magpies                    Corvallis Heights, MT
Molly Hackett                         Northern Goshawk                      Victor, MT
Betsy Douglas                         Brown Creeper                            Victor, MT
Sharon Browder                      Brown Creeper                            Victor, MT
Kevin Browder                       Bald Eagle                                    Victor, MT
Lindsay Browder                     Black-capped Chickadee             Victor, MT
Jill Davies                                Bald Eagle                                   Victor, MT
Kay Fulton                              Cooper's Hawk                           Victor, MT
Doris Roberts                          Mountain Chickadee                   Victor, MT
Carol Santos                           Northern Goshawk                      Victor, MT
Johnny Santos                         Pileated Woodpecker                  Victor, MT
Judy Hoy                                Northern Goshawk[adult]            Stevensville, MT
Bob Hoy                                 Northern Harrier                         Stevensville, MT
Mary Costello                         Downy Woodpecker                  Stevensville, MT
Melinda Hettick                       Red-shafted Flicker                    Stevensville, MT
Deb Goslin                              Western Screech-Owl                 Stevensville, MT
Bill Goslin                                Pileated Woodpecker                 Stevensville, MT
Gail Moshier                            Common Raven                          Stevensville, MT
Lynn Moshier                          Black-capped Chickadee            Stevensville, MT
Sherry Ritter                            Great Horned Owl                      Stevensville, MT
Joe Birkeneder                        Bald Eagle                                  Stevensville, MT
Marty Birkeneder                    Northern Flicker                         Stevensville, MT
Patty Laughlin                          Pygmy Nuthatch                         Stevensville, MT
Bob Danley                              Common Redpoll                       LMNWR, MT
Mike Williams                          American Robin                         Stevensville, MT
Patti Calkins                             Red-winged Blackbird               Stevensville, MT
David Calkins                           Cooper's Hawk                         Stevensville, MT
Michelle Olson                         Great Horned Owl                     Stevensville, MT
Jerry Tischler                            American Goldfinch                   Stevensville, MT
Jeanne Tischler                         Eurasian Collared-Dove             Stevensville, MT
Wayne Tree                              Red-breasted Nuthatch             Stevensville, MT
Arla Tree                                  Downy Woodpecker                 Stevensville, MT
Shawn Tree                              Cedar Waxwings                        Stevensville, MT     
Alysha Tree                              Black-capped Chickadee            Stevensville, MT
Nadine Tree                             Steller's Jay                                 Stevensville, MT
Mary Hayes                             Clark's Nutcracker                      Stevensville, MT
Paul Hayes                               Pileated Woodpecker                 Stevensville, MT
Jim Hamilton                             Gray Partridge                            Stevensville, MT
Dave Lockman                         Merlin                                         Stevensville, MT
Blakey Lockman                      Downy Woodpecker                   Stevensville, MT
Daniel Lockman                       Clark's Nutcracker                      Stevensville, MT
Jenna Lockman                        Brown Creeper                           Stevensville, MT
Minta Nenow                           White-breasted Nuthatch            Florence, MT
Greg Nenow                            Steller's Jay                                 Florence, MT
Kate Davis                               Northern Goshawk                     Florence, MT
Marna Maier                            Ruffed Grouse                            Florence, MT
Ray Maier                                Ruffed Grouse                            Florence, MT
Mary Gum                               Ring-necked Pheasant                 Florence, MT
Jean Osterheld                         Hairy Woodpecker                     Florence, MT
Peter Scholl                              Rough-legged Hawk                   Florence, MT
Lynn Koeppen                          Pygmy Nuthatch                         Florence, MT
Michael Koeppen                     Eurasian Collared-Dove              Florence, MT
Al Hinman                                Clark's Nutcrackers                    Lolo, MT
Hazel Hinman                           Downy Woodpeckers                 Lolo, MT
Robert Danley                          Golden Eagle                              Lolo, MT
Christine Danley                       Sharp-shinned Hawk                   Lolo, MT
Dale Dufour                             Cooper's Hawk                           Lolo, MT
Tom Thompson                       Downy Woodpecker                   Missoula, MT
Mary Thompson                      Mourning Dove                           Missoula, MT
Gerry Steinbenner                    Black-billed Magpie                    Missoula, MT
Stacey Lemcke                        Rough-legged Hawk                   Missoula, MT
Roy Cellan                               Evening Grosbeaks                     Colorado Gulch, MT
Bev Weeks                              Sharp-shinned Hawk                  Missoula, MT
Larry Weeks                            Red-breasted Nuthatch               Missoula, MT
Mike Kinsella                           Sharp-shinned Hawk                  Missoula, MT
Dan Henderson                        Red-breasted Nuthatch               Missoula, MT
Virginia Vincent                        Northern Flicker [hybrid]            Missoula, MT
Joan Birch                                Red-breasted Nuthatch               Missoula, MT
Patty Laughlin                          European Starling                        Missoula, MT
Jim Brown                               Black-billed Magpie                    Rattlesnake Valley, MT
Bruce Johnson                         Black-capped Chickadee            Rattlesnake Valley, MT
Joe Regan                                American Kestrel                        Missoula, MT
Poody McLaughlin                   Song Sparrow                             Missoula, MT
Al Elmstorm                             Brown Creeper                           Ninemile, MT
Lola Elmstrom                          White-breasted Nuthatch            Ninemile, MT
Connie Bauer                           Great Horned Owl                      Frenchtown, MT
Biz Taylor                                Mountain Chickadee                   Frenchtown, MT
Bill Good                                 House Sparrows[hordes]            Butte America, MT
Laura Swant                             Northern Shrike                         Deer Lodge, MT
Gary Swant                              Lincoln's Sparrow                      Deer Lodge, MT
Nate Kohler                             Bohemian Waxwing                   Deer Lodge, MT
Jack Kirkley                             Great Horned Owl                     Dillon, MT
Dick Verstraete                        Black-capped Chickadee           Georgetown Lake, MT
Min Vertstraete                        Pine Grosbeaks                          Georgetown Lake, MT
Jim Greaves                             Northern Pygmy-Owl                  Plains, MT
Lark Chadwick                        Northern Pygmy-Owl                  Plains, MT
Jim Rogers                                American Goldfinch                    Polson, MT
Sherry Rogers                           American Goldfinch                    Polson, MT
Duncan Hubbard                       Red Crossbill                             Polson, MT
Jim Greaves                              Audubon's Warbler                    Thompson Falls, MT
Lark Chadwick                         Audubon's Warbler                    Thompson Falls, MT
Arla Eckert                               Sharp-shinned Hawk                  Great Falls, MT
Liz Larcom                               Sharp-tailed Grouse                    Great Falls, MT
Anita Bueling                            Northern Flicker                         Great Falls, MT
Gwen Haferkamp                     House Finch                                Miles City, MT
Marshall Haferkamp                 Red-shafted Flicker                     Miles City, MT
Arnica Ziebarth                        Ring-necked Pheasant                  Kinsey, MT                    
Fritz Prellwitz                           Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch           Malta, MT
Thora Prellwitz                         Harris' Sparrow                           Malta, MT
Dick Rosche                             Carolina Chickadee                     Myrtle Beach, SC
Kathy Woodward                     Pileated Woodpecker                  Chatham, NJ
Carl Woodward                        Pileated Woodpecker                  Chatham, NJ
Diane Holsinger                         Yellow-bellied Sapsucker            Timberville, VA
Cindy Shipp                              Northern Cardinal                       Wadsworth, OH
Stan Merrill                               American Robin                          Apple Valley, MN
Brad Tree                                  Red-tailed Hawk                        Springfield, MO
Christy Tree                              Blue Jay                                      Springfield, MO
Ellie Tree                                   Northern Cardinal                       Springfield, MO
Diane Hoy                                 White-breasted Nuthatch            Palmyra, NE
Trudy Walgren                           American Robin                         Hay Springs, NE
Donna Walgren                          Short-eared Owl                        Hay Springs, NE
Bruce Walgren                           Red-breasted Nuthatch              Harrison, NE
Bob DeLara                               White-breasted Nuthatch           Mitchell, NE
Kathy DeLara                            Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch         Scotts Bluff NM, NE
Lonnie Frimann                          Rough-Legged Hawk                 Sioux Co., NE
Eunice Foldesy                          Common Grackle                       Jonesboro, AR
Mike Wolfson                           Clay-colored Robin                     Pharr, TX
Catrina Johnson                         Ladder-backed Woodpecker     Albuquerque, NM
Carla Fox                                  White-crowned Sparrow            Dolores, CO
Ebbie Reish                               Pine Siskin                                  Lamar, CO
Marion Reish                             Red-bellied Woodpecker            Lamar, CO
Janet Hall                                  American Robin                           Welton, AZ
Kit Struthers                             Cactus Wren                                Green Valley, AZ
Ray Swindler                             Northern Cardinal                        Green Valley, AZ
Patricia Ryan Swindler               Vermillion Flycatcher                   Green Valley, AZ
Jim Herold                                Bushtit                                          San Diego, CA
Glen Olsen                                Rough-Legged Hawk                   Los Altos, CA
Russ Manwaring                       Acorn Woodpecker                     Ramona, CA
Louise Manwaring                    Acorn Woodpecker                      Ramona, CA
Jim Herold                                Bushtit                                          San Diego, CA
Glen Olsen                                California Towhee                        Los Altos, CA
Suzanne Hargis                          Acorn Woodpecker                    Monterey, CA
Bob Hargis                                California Condor                        Monterey, CA
Jim Groeser                               Great Blue Heron                         Penn Valley, CA
Lorraine Groeser                       White-breasted Nuthatch              Penn Valley, CA
Sharilyn Cohn                            Northern Flicker                           Portland, OR
Stephen Lindsay                        Bald Eagle                                    Portland, OR
Don Davidson                           California Quail                             Klamath Falls, OR
Cathy Trochlell                          California Quail                             LeGrande, OR
Dave Trochlell                           Canada Geese                              LeGrande, OR
Chris Johnson                            Downy Woodpecker                    Benton City, WA
Jim Johnson                               Western Meadowlark                   Benton City, WA
Sapphire Pilney                          Red-tailed Hawk                          West Richland, WA
Sue McDonald                          Western Meadowlark                   West Richland, WA
Bud Zimmerman                        Song Sparrows                             Spokane, WA
Ginny Zimmerman                     Sharp-shinned Hawk                     Spokane, WA
Andy Crabtree                          Downy Woodpecker                    Nampa, ID                          
Michael Wiegand                      Northern Shrike                            Pearl, ID
Chuck Trost                             Lesser Goldfinch                            Poky, ID
Gary Gier                                 Pine Siskin                                    Soda Springs, ID
Rosli Gier                                 Mountain Chickadee                     Soda Springs, ID
Maureen McDonald                 Red-tailed Hawk                           Boise Foothills, ID
Serina Joi McDonald                Lesser Goldfinch                           Boise Foothills, ID
Charles Swift                            Townsend's Solitaire                     UI Campus, ID
Charles Swift                            Great Horned Owl [pair]               Moscow, ID
Ed Buchler                               Mourning Dove                             Coeur d'Alene, ID
Kris Buchler                             Chestnut-backed Chickadee         Coeur d'Alene, ID
Shirley Sturts                            Brown Creeper                             Coeur d'Alene, ID
Cliff Keene                              Sharp-shinned Hawk                     Salmon, ID
Marlene Keene                        Bohemian Waxwing                       Salmon, ID
Chris Michelson                       Townsend's Solitaire                     Casper, WY
Pat Classen                              American Robin                           Casper, WY
Cecil Foote                              Blue Jay                                       Casper, WY
Ed Reish                                  European Starling                         Casper, WY
Barb Reish                               House Finch                                Casper, WY
Bob Yonts                               Sharp-shinned Hawk                   Casper, WY
Barb Yonts                              Blue Jay                                      Casper, WY
Sandy Leotta                           Evening Grosbeak                       Casper, WY
Miguel Leotta                          Evening Grosbeak                       Casper, WY
Ann Hines                               American Robin                          Casper, WY
Bruce Walgren                        Merlin                                         Casper, WY
Donna Walgren                       Sharp-shinned Hawk                   Casper, WY
Casper College Greenhouse    Ferruginous Hawk                       Casper, WY
Deane Bjerke                          Brown Creeper                           Buffalo, WY
Barb Gorges                           Mountain Chickadee                    Cheyenne, WY
Anna Moscicki                       Pine Siskin                                   Dubois, WY
Michael Kenney                     Pine Grosbeak                             Dubois, WY
Patti Gorman                          Great Horned Owl                       Evanston, WY
Tim Gorman                           House Sparrow                            Evanston, WY
Andrea Orabona                    Northern Goshawk                       Lander, WY
Wanda Major                        Northern Harrier                           Riverton, WY
Jean Adams                           Bald Eagle                                    Sundance, WY
Anna Moscicki                      Golden Eagle                                 Togwotee Pass, WY
Bruce Bennett                        Red Crossbill                                Whitehorse, YT
Seth Bennett                          Pine Grosbeak                              Whitehorse, YT
Gloria Lawrence                    Royal Flycatcher                           Chan Chick, Belize
Jim Lawrence                        Ornate Hawk Eagle                       Chan Chick, Belize

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